In my last post I wrote about who I am and that I don’t really know what to do with my blog. I started thinking, and in this post I will explain about the plans I have for my blog and the project that I have been working on for the past month.

As you were able to read in my last post, I am thinking about what to do with this platform called my blog. Before I published the previous post, it was just a thought passing by from time to time. And since I published the thought and it was out and about, that moment I started thinking for real.

I desperately feel the urge to write and also love to track what I am doing. And when I did a few years ago it worked really well. So why shouldn’t I just do that again?


A while back, in 2014, I used to write a post every month about my goals I set at the beginning that year. I wrote on my blog weekly. And it was so satisfying to see myself grow, see experiences in the posts and to monthly think about what I was doing with my life. I think I am going to do that again.

Next to that I am working on a rather big project right now for my YouTube channel. I am interviewing several YouTubers, but in a way that has not been done before. At least not that I know of. Most of the time when I heard my friend Teske (and sometimes other YouTubers) talk about an interview they’ve had, it was not very positive. The main question is always: How much money do you make? And the runner up question is: How can everyone become like you?

img_1390I thought that was quite ridiculous, if you see how seriously American YouTubers are taken today, why shouldn’t our Dutch content creators be seen just as serious? All this time I was thinking what I could do while saving up money for my travels again? Vlogging didn’t really work because I wasn’t doing anything exciting.. So I thought what could I do that is exciting? And I just put these two thoughts together, that’s how  I started interviewing YouTubers for videos on YouTube!

The people I already have interviewed are Teske, Saske & Alwin(Vet Gezellig), Vera (Vera Camilla) and Tom(Korthom). Starting friday November 4th I will be uploading weekly. And people you can expect are Jiami, Tristan (Tristananoi), Marije Zuurveld and Jill (CrocoJill). Ofcourse I am talking to other people to see if they are interested. If you have any recommendations let me know! Saske also pointed out that when I am traveling again I could go on with this project interviewing Youtubers outside of The Netherlands. And I thought that was the coolest idea ever,  if this catches on that is definitely a goal to work towards.img_1437

It has been quite time consuming, make appointments, filming, editing and uploading. But it has been so satisfying working hard on something I am so passionate about! I feel so much better and happier lately.

Talking with all these smart people has been so interesting and inspirational! They are all young content creators, social influencers, so smart and creative. I am so happy I took action and actually did this, instead of just letting it be a thought. From talking and mostly listening to these YouTubers I am learning so much and having a great time. I hope you all will enjoy it as much as I did. It might not be very provocative for your eyes, but hopefully you can all hear and take up all the information shared in these videos.

Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below!


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