Who am I and what can you expect?

Hello there I thought it might be a good idea to make a post explaining who I am and what to expect on the ‘blog’ The Rest Is Nonsense!

My name is Sabine, I am Dutch, living in Gouda a small town in The Netherlands where indeed the GOUDA cheese originally comes from.. I have been making content since I was 15 years young, but November 2015 I decided to commit, and do things differently. I wanted to travel the world, record everything and share my adventures with the world. But unfortunately after 1,5 months of traveling my foot got run over by a truck in Vietnam. Now I am almost fully recovered and again fully committed to make some amazing content. Hopefully in 2017 I can resume my dream to travel the world again!

Now what can you expect on my blog? I am mostly active on Youtube and Instagram. But every day I have my blog in my head. Thinking I should do something with it! So today is the day! I will be posting more on my blog. I don’t know what yet or how many times, but something will come!

If you have any ideas of what I could do on my blog let me know! I would love to hear your thoughts!


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