Working Holiday in Australia…my story.

First week on the farm in Yarrabeepark

The first travel related thing I wanted to write about is the farm life in Australia. I kind of forgot about it really quickly, that’s what happens when you are on a little holiday. But then I got a comment with questions about working in Australia, I went to look over at my drafts, and what did I see? A draft called Australia, it must have been fate! So here is my experience on my Working Holiday(the first 5 months) in Aussie!

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I want to be a careless child

tumblr_oisxj7ndj21vuvjqto1_500This was actually written in November, I just didn’t find it was finished for publishing. But now I am thinking why not.

As a lot of you know, if you know me just a little, it is my dream to travel the world. It is my dream to see as much of the world as I want and at the moment I want to see everything. What comes with that dream is that I want to meet people with similar goals in life and a free spirit. I want to feel free to do whatever I want when I want to. And I think I need to travel for a long period of time to truly be able to learn how to do that. I want to learn how to relax, feel calm and peaceful. Next to that I don’t just want to see the world I want to experience the world and understand it. Get to know the different climates, types of nature and people all around the globe. Most off all I want to be free and I do not want to feel like a zombie every day until I come home from work.

It is so weird how as a child and as a teen (I am 22 right now) I was so much at peace with my mind. While school and things with my family weren’t always that easy, but that didn’t seem to bother my happiness at all, I made friends everywhere I went, I was happy and most importantly I was at peace. But now I don’t feel like that at all.. For the the past 3-4 years I have not been as happy as I was. I have not been as careless. Maybe it is part of growing up? I don’t know really.. I mean I’ve been thinking a lot. I know that that is part of why I am not that happy anymore. Believe me when I say I am not unhappy or depressed, I have been there, that’s why I know right now I am not! The thing is just that I’m not as happy, carefree and at peace, which I was a few years back.

I know that just traveling won’t get me there, but I think being in a different community, not in your regular surroundings and not working everyday will help me to focus and give me the time to actually learn how to to what I really want in life. And the freedom will make me feel like a careless child.

What do you want to do and how are you planning to achieve that?